Placement Test - Pre-Primary B

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1 Choose the picture that begins with the sound of the letter B
2 Choose the correct blend to complete the word:
3 Look, read, and choose.
4 Where’s Dad now?
5 What’s the girl’s favourite birthday present?


1 How many dogs are there?
2 How many circles do you see?
3 Wei Lian has 12 toy bears. He donates 6 of them to charity. How many toy bears has she left?
4 Look at the pattern. What comes next?
5 Cheko has 14 fish. Mummy buys him 2 more fish. How many fish does Cheko have altogether?
6 What is 23 minus 8?
7 Rachel bakes some cupcakes to share with her neighbours. Count these cupcakes. How many cupcakes are there?
8 It is recess time! Lorraine heads down to the canteen. She takes a look at the canteen clock to look at the time:
What time is Lorraine having her recess period?
9 How many toy bears are there altogether?
10 Emma, Diana and Mie went to a flower garden. The picture graph below shows the number of butterflies 🦋 that each person saw. Who saw the least number of butterflies?


1 Which of the following animal young is matched correctly to its parent?
2 Choose the correct labelling for these plant parts.
3 Choose the correct labelling for these body parts.
4 Which of the following object is correctly matched with its material?
5 Which of these make sounds you can hear?
You must answer all questions.