Placement Test - Grade 6

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1 Hanley had of a pie. He cut it into a number of pieces. Each piece was of the whole pie. How many pieces did he cut it into?
2 10% of the students in the cohort study Physics. If 40 students study Physics, find the number of students in the school.
3 The figure below represents the favourite colours of students in a school. How many students like red and blue altogether?
4 Rainie and Mike had some balls in the ratio 6 : 1. Rainie gave two thirds of her balls to Mike. Find the ratio of the number of balls Rainie had left to the number of balls Mike had in the end.
5 In the figure below not drawn to scale, ABDC is a rectangle. Find the shaded area.


1 Which is the correct process of water cycle?
2 The below diagrams show how light changes directions when it reflects off a mirror. Which two diagrams are incorrect?
3 Some children did a shadow stick experiment. Which of these results statements is incorrect?
4 Which of the following is the correct order in a food chain?
5 Arrange the steps of an investigation in the correct order.
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