Placement Test - Grade 5

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1 Complete the number pattern. 10,000,000, 5,000,000, 2,500,000, __________
2 Order the number A, B, C according to the number line. Input from the smallest to the biggest.
3 Share 3 chocolate bars equally among 2 children. What fraction of a chocolate bar does each child get?
4 The figure is not drawn to scale. Find ∠x.
5 Water was emptied from a container. The line graph shows the volume of water left in the container at a particular time. How long did it take to empty 250 litres of water?
6 Hanley had of a pie. He cut it into a number of pieces. Each piece was of the whole pie. How many pieces did he cut it into?
7 10% of the students in the cohort study Physics. If 40 students study Physics, find the number of students in the school.
8 The figure below represents the favourite colours of students in a school. How many students like red and blue altogether?
9 Rainie and Mike had some balls in the ratio 6 : 1. Rainie gave two thirds of her balls to Mike. Find the ratio of the number of balls Rainie had left to the number of balls Mike had in the end.
10 In the figure below not drawn to scale, ABDC is a rectangle. Find the shaded area.


1 Which of the following statements is false?
2 Which of the following statements is true?
3 Which of these metals is non-magnetic?
4 Ashok and his friends grew some plants in pots and watered them twice a week. Ashok put his plant in a sunny place. Marco put his plant in a shady place. Tariq kept his plant under bed.
After two weeks, they measured how much their plants had grown. Whose plant grew the best?
5 Choose the correct labelling for these flower parts.
6 Which is the correct process of water cycle?
7 The below diagrams show how light changes directions when it reflects off a mirror. Which two diagrams are incorrect?
8 Some children did a shadow stick experiment. Which of these results statements is incorrect?
9 Which of the following is the correct order in a food chain?
10 Arrange the steps of an investigation in the correct order.
You must answer all questions.