Placement Test - Grade 3

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1 Stanley saved $195 per month. Eugene saved 3 times as much money as Stanley each month. How much money did Eugene save in a month?
2 Look at the figure below.
What is its area?
3 There are 500 carps and some goldfish in the aquarium. There are five times as many carps as goldfish. How many fishes are there in the aquarium?
4 Amanda loves drawing. She practices drawing every day. Below are some of her drawings. Find the total number of right angles in her drawings.
5 1 dozen = 12 cookies. How many cookies were sold in January?
6 Which is the closer estimate of 1583 - 1258?
7 Miko used number cards to teach her brother Math. Her brother picked up 4 cards labeled 2, 6, 8 and 9. What is the biggest odd number that can be formed by these 4 digits?
8 Miko helps her neighbours water their plant while they are away. The graph below shows the growth of the plant.
Find the growth of the plant from Week 2 to Week 5.
9 Cindy went to bed at 21 05. She slept for 8 hours 15 minutes. What time did she wake up? (Express your answer using 24-hour clock)
10 Look at the picture below and choose the letters that contain perpendicular lines. Pick the numbers below the selected letters. What is the sum of these numbers?
11 126 x 7 =


1 Which of these is not a light source?
2 Which of these bulbs will light up?
3 Choose the correct labelling for these plant parts.
4 Which of these descriptions about different food groups is incorrect?
5 Magda’s book contains pictures of these things. She classified them into living and non-living things. Which of these things have been classified incorrectly?
6 Which of the following object has been placed incorrectly?
7 Alex tested the force needed to pull his skateboard over different surfaces. Which surface was the hardest to pull the skateboard on?
8 Study the identification chart below. Which classification group does a snake belong to?
9 Which of these statements about medicines are true?
10 What particle model does the diagram below represent?
You must answer all questions.