Placement Test - Grade 2

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1 Look at the figure below. What comes next in the pattern?
2 David has 5 bags of potatoes. There are 4 potatoes in each bag. How many potatoes are there altogether?
3 Three boys helped the P.E. teacher collect footballs. The picture graph shows the number of footballs each boy collected. How many footballs did they collect altogether?
4 Subtract 688 from 841, you get __?
5 Compare the fractions below and order them from the smallest to the greatest.
6 Stanley saved $195 per month. Eugene saved 3 times as much money as Stanley each month. How much money did Eugene save in a month?
7 Look at the figure below.
What is its area?
8 There are 500 carps and some goldfish in the aquarium. There are five times as many carps as goldfish. How many fishes are there in the aquarium?
9 Amanda loves drawing. She practices drawing every day. Below are some of her drawings. Find the total number of right angles in her drawings.
10 1 dozen = 12 cookies. How many cookies were sold in January?
11 124 + 72 - 86 =


1 Which of these foods are healthy foods?
2 Why is window made of glass?
3 Which of the following animal lives in this place?
4 Which of these is not made of rock?
5 What happens to these materials when they are heated?
6 Which of these is not a light source?
7 Which of these bulbs will light up?
8 Choose the correct labelling for these plant parts.
9 Which of these descriptions about different food groups is incorrect?
10 Magda’s book contains pictures of these things. She classified them into living and non-living things. Which of these things have been classified incorrectly?
You must answer all questions.